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 Urban Living work with multiple agents across the UK

We work with you in several ways. We are not trying to take your business away; we are here to make your job easier and allow you to offer further services to your landlords, increasing your turnover with little effort.

Many agents do not manage multi-let or HMO’s as it can be too much hassle. If you are one of those read on because we can work with you to increase your income with no extra financial or personnel costs to your company. We do the work, and you still receive a commission. You would be part of a small number of agents that we can give the attention to detail required so we create our own market rather than competing in an existing one. We focus on quality rather than quantity because we know that retains clients in any business.

Some agents say ‘Isn’t that subletting?’ to which the answer is no. Whilst subletting isn’t illegal if the landlord creates a clause in their agreement, subletting has a bad name. We supervise the property under a management agreement with you and issue room only AST’s to the tenants, you only deal with one person (us) the same as you would in a single or family let. The NRLA issues our room only AST’s.

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